Homeschool Summer Learning

Summer time and the living is easy….easier for learning.  You would think that homeschoolers want to take a break like everyone else in the summer.  Even though I always took a summer break from the textbooks, the learning didn’t stop.  Because hubby and I are both educators and history buffs, all of our kids love history, too.  It probably rubbed off on them as we taught history with a true love of the subject.

Image SEO Homeschool Summer Learningdinosaur exhibit

Summer travels seemed to always be centered around touring museums, forts, and national exhibits of various types.  Only one child was the adventurous type, so that child did her roller coaster rides on youth trips.  The rest of us couldn’t stand them…hahaha.  Just point us to the closest monument or museum and we would be in there for days!

Image SEO Homeschool Summer Learningson in Washington DC

We always loved field trips during the school year, but the summer gave more time since hubby had the summers off (teacher’s schedule).  We didn’t force the kid’s to write papers or take notes, but just let them soak in the love of learning.

Image SEO Homeschool Summer Learninganother fort

The beauty of this type of learning is that you customize it to fit the interests of your family.  Whatever you and the kids are into can be added to your trip/s.  If your budget is tight, you can make these into day trips.  You would be surprised what you can find on Google.  There are many days that museums have free admissions, too.  Pack your own picnic lunches and have a great time.  If your family is adventurous, you may do daring things: hiking or who knows what!

 Image SEO Homeschool Summer Learningthis is about as daring as hubby gets :)

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