Homeschool Support Groups
Have you become a member of a homeschool support group?  Did you love it or hate it?  That’s a silly question, but I was just wondering.  Homeschool support groups can be good or bad, but  they’re not necessary.  I’ve joined various groups over the years.  I even was the leader for a support group for a couple of years.  Every support group is unique; they take on the focus and personality of the leaders. 

Some groups are very structured and sponsored by a church, which may focus the group towards the mission that the church desires.  Some groups are casual: just some friendly moms planning field-trips or play dates for their children.  When I began homeschooling 22 years ago, there was one homeschool group in our city.  Today there are close to 20 that I know of.  Many are church-based.  Some of them are just city or county-wide organizations, run by moms.  When you have a choice, it’s helpful to look around and see what type of group you would feel comfortable joining. 

There are also co-ops, which provide structured classes for children.  Sometimes the classes are for extracurricular things: music, art, drama, karate, band, etc.  These are fun for the moms and kids, too. Support groups can be a wonderful thing, but don’t let any group or other mom change the focus that you and your husband have for your family.  Don’t feel pressure to conform to other people’s expectations or ways of doing things.  You can certainly learn from other moms, though.  Support groups can be a good place to vent or feel assured that everything is going just fine.  It really will, too 🙂

Homeschool Support Groups_poetry_award
years ago, my daughter winning a homeschool poetry contest

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Homeschool Support Groups

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