Favorite Homeschool Math Resources

I am NOT a math person!  I survived high school Algebra and Geometry, with the help of some very patient teachers.  In college, my math courses were designed for the elementary education majors.   The professors of Math 115 suggested to our class that we all had math anxiety.  So true-haha!

When I began homeschooling, I wasn’t worried about teaching math until my kids hit sixth grade.  Until then, we had used A Beka Math.  It was easy to follow, because I purchased all the teacher guides and answer keys.  After sixth grade we continued with A Beka Math.

We used  Math-U-See one year, but it wasn’t really working with the way I was comfortable teaching. In 7th and 8th grade when my kids began pre-algebra we began using VHS and later DVD programs.  In Algebra, we used Jacob’s Algebra.

I hired a tutor to come to our home 3 times each week and work with her.  I contacted our college math professor and he recommended a sweet Christian girl who was a senior math major.  It worked great for us! My youngest had a tutor in Algebra I and Geometry.

We started the online course from BJU Press for Algebra II and Pre-Calculus.  My son did well, and didn’t need any extra tutoring for those courses.  His senior year, I’ll have him audit
Calculus at the local community college.
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  Favorite Homeschool Math Resources_ABeka_Math
Favorite Homeschool Math Resources

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