Won This Yum
I won something delicious!
Won This Yum
  I won a giveaway in May from A Frugal Life and was thrilled to open all the packages…YUM!  My sons and I dove right in and enjoyed some truffles.  The chocolates are wonderful; the flavors and textures are amazing!  I love winning giveaways.
One of my favorites was the Guylian Sea Shells Praline candy.  It has the signature roasted Hazelnut cream praline filling.  The flavor is amazing, and one you won’t forget.
I was able to try two of the large Bars.  They have flavors, like: Dark Chocolate, Milky Bar, Milk and Almond Bar and even No-Sugar added!
I recommend that you try Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates when you get the chance!
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I Won This…..YUM

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