Homeschooling Dual-Enrollment

Homeschooling and dual enrollment: it seems to be all the rage now. We’ve tried it in our homeschool in the past. It was successful as far as the grades went. Our student received all A’s in their classes. But, I don’t recommend it to anyone else. Here are my thoughts on the subject. And, yours may be totally different.

Dual enrollment can help your student take a high school course and earn college credit at the same time. This occurs when the student signs up for a college course in a general studies course, such as English 101. Now, if I use this class for an example, here’s my problem. If Johnny is a high-school senior he would normally take English 4. For my student, in English 4, he studied Grammar and Composition 4, as well as Literature 4. This was a very rigorous course, that prepared him well for College classes (not just English, but for all of his writing assignments in other courses). So, he is better off with a tougher class in High School (IMHO).

Dual enrollment also takes your student out of the high school environment a year or two early and places them with college-aged students. Your homeschool student may appear mature (you’ve raised them right), but they are not as mature as the 19-22 year olds on the college campus. My choice is to give them all the time possible before they’re plopped down into a campus with thousands of students who’ve just left mom and dad! It’s not about trust, but it’s a totally different atmosphere. 16-17 year olds aren’t ready for college.

Why rush them? They have their whole life ahead of them. Those advanced courses in high school are more important than taking English 101 or College Algebra for Sr year. Let them take the highest math and science courses or more electives, instead. You may disagree with me, and that’s fine. After graduating my three children, this is just my opinion. And, it’s certainly shown true in their SAT scores. How about you?

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Homeschooling and Dual Enrollment

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling and Dual Enrollment

  • August 19, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    My daughter's only in the beginning years of school so I don't have to make any decisions like this just yet. All the same, I enjoyed reading your experienced opinion on the subject. In a way I can relate because my daughter is advanced for her age so her academic readiness and her emotional readiness are often on two different levels, so I am often having to weigh which I put more importance on. Anyways thanks for linking this up at the Learning Kid Link-up.

  • August 19, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    It's great to have a daughter that's advanced, and good that you're starting to plan for the future. Just taking each year (one at a time) and doing what's needed for that individual year worked so well for us. But, we always used a Scope and Sequence to make sure we never got behind in anything (even if we were ahead in some things). I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your kind comments 🙂 God bless as you direct your daughter's education.


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