September 11, 2015
We all remember where we were on that horrifying day.
I was homeschooling my children.  The television was on in the den, and as I went through the room
I saw something was wrong.  I stopped to watch. I told the kids to come watch, too.  We didn’t really
know what was going on.  I saw the plane crash in to the first building.  Then, we were in shock as
the rest unfolded before our eyes.  The rest of the day was just a nightmare as we were literally glued
to the tv.
I’m sure your experience may be similar, unless you were actually there, or in the air that day.  What
a horrifying day; a day that really changed us.  My children never got to grow up in the same
America that I did.  That America is gone.  That beautiful day, those beautiful blue clear skies…..
we must never forget the Americans who were lost on that beautiful day.
@2015, copyright Lisa Ehrman
September 11, 2015

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