Homeschooling is wonderful for many reasons.  One of my favorite reasons is because of the flexibility factor.  When my children were in grades K-8, we were able to be very flexible with the time between Thanksgiving and New Years.  We loved the fact that we could take time off as long as Hubby, who was a college professor.  He had an entire month off for Christmas.

Homeschooling Holidays

We loved taking off from about December tenth and starting back January tenth of the next year.  During this time, we were able to travel to visit far-away relatives.  We were able to participate in many community ministry opportunities and musical performances.  We had a great Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

Homeschooling Holidays

So much of the time we were ahead with our schoolwork by December.  If we weren’t, we always finished it before the school year was over.  When my children crossed over into high-school, we couldn’t take off an entire month.  They were taking hard courses, getting an advanced diploma and needed every day to study.  They missed those long Christmas breaks, as did I.  But, we always have those wonderful memories.  They still love to find ministries and charities at Christmas, now that they are on their own.  The joy that they found in giving to others was something that stayed in their hearts.

Do you take much time off during Christmas break?  Don’t be afraid to do this.  Use the time wisely.  Plan some wonderful times together with your family.  Share your favorite Christmas break memory.
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Homeschooling and the Holidays

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