Comparing Histamine Diet Ehlers Danlos Diet

Even though I’m taking many medications for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Mast Cell Disorder, I still suffer with symptoms from both.  Changing my diet could possibly improve my life with these health problems.  It has been something worth looking into.  Now, I’ve been reading on the internet about the research done to help those of us who are willing to change our diets.  Some foods can cause reactions to those of us with Mast Cell Disorder.  This is pretty obvious when it leads to allergic reaction or anaphylaxis.

Comparing Histamine Diet Ehlers Danlos Diet

One of the books written about EDS and diet is authored by Dr. Heidi A. Collins.  She has a website where I found some of these “Diet” recommendations.  Actually, you can learn more there and purchase her books if you are interested.  She also recommends supplements that help EDS patients.  Here are the foods that she says must be omitted from the diet:
fermented foods
Nightshades: Tomato, potatoes
Grilled, fried, toasted

There are many websites for Histamine diets on the internet.  This list is from  The foods to be omitted include:
Soy Beans
Red Beans

With the Histamine diet the list is much smaller.  The foods are recommended to be fresh and prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients.  Leftovers are not to be eaten.  Artificial ingredients and processed foods are forbidden.  I would need to bake my own bread, all snacks, treats, complete meals, everything!  This doesn’t sound too horrible except that I usually don’t have the energy to cook every day, much less three meals a day + snacks!

Comparing Histamine Diet Ehlers Danlos Diet

Should I combine the two?  I think the EDS diet sounds impossible, but maybe I can work very hard to find some recipes that will taste good.  I’m sure there are some.

I will try to work on this, realizing that it won’t ever be perfect. But, it might help me feel better.  That would be worth the extra effort, if we can pull it off.   Hubby said he would help 🙂
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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert.  All medical information is only my opinion.  If you need medical help, please contact your personal physician.

Comparing the Histamine Diet to the Ehlers Danlos Diet

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