Quizlet: Homeschool Review
Have you heard of Quizlet?  This is a wonderful learning tool for homeschooling.  It’s also FREE to use.  When I homeschooled, I used the free version every week during my child’s high school classes.  There is a paid version, but it’s recommended for classroom teachers.  There is also a mobile app.
What is Quizlet?  It’s a website that builds study tools.  And, these study tools are meant to be shared with everyone who comes there and makes an account.  This is the beauty of Quizlet. Let me explain.
Quizlet: Homeschool Review
When my child was taking a high school science course, we used the DIVE DVD and workbook.  Each week we had a list of vocabulary words, along with the rest of the curriculum.  To make an easy study plan to learn these vocabulary words, I used Quizlet.
Quizlet: Homeschool Review
Are you learning a Foreign Language?  Quizlet let’s you write in foreign languages, too!!!
I went on the website and found that many other homeschool moms had also made vocabulary lists of the same thing.  Therefore, some of the weeks words were already done.  These weeks’ words were already made into flash-card formats, and all I had to do is print them out.  Since there were missing weeks of vocabulary lists, I completed those.  Then, they were printed out.  Now my son had vocabulary flash cards for every week of the curriculum.  It was terrific!  And, since I added the lists at Quizlet for other moms, everyone could share in my work.  This is a great service for homeschoolers!
Quizlet: Homeschool Review
My child learned his vocabulary words quickly and easily.  There are other learning tools on Quizlet, too.  I hope you’ll check it out and see what you think.
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Quizlet: Homeschool Review

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