9/11 Never Forget

What a horrific anniversary!  It must be remembered in all the ways possible.  We must not make it less than it was.  We must not stop showing the videos.  We must not stop remembering who did this to our country.  We must not let our leaders keep dividing our country, which on that day was unified against the terrorists who continue to want to destroy us.

September 11, 2001, was the day we remember so well.  We all know where we were.  We remember what we were doing and how everything stopped.  I can relive that day and the days after in my mind.  It was all surreal, a nightmare, as if in slow-motion….someone else’s life.  These things weren’t supposed to happen in America.  But, America had changed.

America has never been the same, since.  What has become of us?  Our country (our culture) has gone completely backwards.  Right has become wrong, wrong has become right.  People hate our country, and hate our flag.  People hate each other.  America is not unified.  Only 15 years after 9/11 we have come such a long way.  We need to remember.

@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

9/11 Never Forget

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