National Dessert Day
October 14th National Dessert Day Favorite Dessert
October 14th
Do we really need a day to celebrate desserts?  Ok, I guess we do. I love dessert, don’t you?  I guess it’s quite obvious.  Americans have so many wonderful desserts to choose from.  We love the desserts  that were baked by our grandmothers and passed down the line to us.  My favorite dessert is Washington Apple Cake.  But, I love all the old-fashioned goodies that are baked at home.  I treasure the family recipes that are full of love, but also full of sugar and butter.
This is my favorite dessert.  It doesn’t look beautiful on a plate.  You won’t find it served in a gourmet restaurant or a fancy bakery.  It tastes the best in the fall when you can get fresh apples.  So, I’m sharing my favorite dessert with you.  I’m also sharing some of my favorite memories!
What is your favorite dessert?  Most people love chocolate desserts, as do I.  Desserts seem to be unlimited, since there are so many main ingredients to choose from.  Cakes, pies, puddings, and more leave us drooling and cause our pants to get too tight.  Sometimes, it’s worth it to eat all those scrumptous calories, isn’t it?
October 14th National Dessert Day Favorite Dessert
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October 14th is National Dessert Day – My Favorite Dessert

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