Shopping Black Friday

Are you still as stuffed as I am?  Wow!  Thanksgiving meals are so delicious.  And, then there are the leftovers…..  Who can resist one more slice of pumpkin pie.  I can’t.  Today is Black Friday, but I’m not going to shop at all.  I take that back.  I’ll be shopping online today and for the next few days or weeks, until all the shopping is done.

Do you love shopping online?  It’s a wonderful way to get all the discounts, as well as cash back.  The best part is that you avoid all the crowds, crazy drivers, and stress.  I physically don’t have the strength to hit the malls or shopping centers.  Shopping in pajamas or comfy clothes on the couch is my favorite!  My puppy, Archie is cuddled up beside me taking another nap as I browse the online deals.

Shopping Black Friday

I have to remember to link through Swagbucks, Ebates or Upromise to earn rewards and cash back.  It’s easy to check and see who has the best cash back or discount codes.  Not only do they offer percentage off, but the cash back is unbelievable!  Do you know any other great online places to shop?  I love saving as much as possible, and would love to hear how you save money at Christmas.

Now, if I can only get my adult children to tell me what they would like to have for Christmas…..

Disclosure: affiliate links included.

Shopping for Black Friday

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