Raising Awareness Funds Ehlers Danlos Society

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a rare disorder, but many people have this disorder and are not diagnosed.  I was 52 years old before being diagnosed with this genetic condition.  Because I have had EDS since birth, it’s really terrible to wait this long for a doctor to recognize my symptoms.  I spent two decades in adulthood suffering with the effects of EDS, because of the lack of awareness.  Doctors ignored the symptoms or brushed them off as anything but what it really was.

Since EDS is misdiagnosed and research is rare, I’m always wishing that I could raise money.  I do try to raise awareness of this syndrome, but don’t have large sums of money to donate.  There are ways to help raise funds for research online.  The ones recommended by the Ehlers Danlos Society are very easy to implement.

Fundraising Awareness Ehlers Danlos Society

Today being Tuesday, I’m highlighting their campaign “Giving Tuesday“.  They’ve chosen this promotion to invite us to give to the EDS Society.  Research can be funded through this giving program.  There are a few other ways to donate that are free.  One that I’ve been involved in is the Rally.org campaign.  Rally.org allows individuals to raise funds online.  When a clinic was being opened in Virginia, I participated in fundraising by posting a Rally for the Clinic.  It’s very easy to set up a fundraising page on their website.

I really love the Amazon Smile program.  This is easy and free to the user.  When you log on at Amazon, you can just click on this link and .05% of your participating purchase will go to Ehlers Danlos Society.  You can easily set up your Amazon account to include Amazon Smile.  Christmas shopping can be very beneficial for fundraising, and costs you nothing!


First Giving is another easy way to fundraise.  You can set up your page online to raise awareness and money for research.  I’ve had a fundraising page at First Giving in the past, and it’s a terrific way to give.  I hope you’ll consider doing one of these methods to raise money for EDS.

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Raising Awareness & Funds for Ehlers Danlos Society

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