Homeschool: A Beka Book Sale
Homeschool: A Beka Book Sale
“Mid-Year Discounts on Curriculum”
Have you decided to change homeschool curriculum mid-year?  Maybe that pile of books you ordered just isn’t cutting it. I’ve done that a few times while homeschooling my kids.  Sometimes the method of instruction isn’t clicking for a certain child?  Other times, families have to re-locate or have an illness and need to change their curriculum choices.  And, you don’t want to spend a lot of money.  This sale is for you!
If you need more A Beka Book curriculum, or you would like to try something different, you should check out this sale from Christianbook.  A Beka Book is a wonderful, traditional homeschooling method.  A Beka has so many supports for homeschool moms written in to their methods.  They have full Teacher Editions, teacher keys and many ways to make homeschooling very easy.
When I used A Beka Book curriculum, I was a new homeschooler.  Although I had a teaching certificate, I was nervous about homeschooling my own children.  With A Beka, the lesson plans are already complete.  If you need to, you can actually read the teacher instructions, questions, and more to ‘really’ know that you’ve covered everything your child needs to succeed.
Homeschool: A Beka Book Sale
the grade 5 set
My kids were very successful with this curriculum and used many of the courses from K-5 through 12th grade.  The academics are excellent and will prepare your kids for college and entrance exams.  My favorite is the Grammar and Composition series, which is tough and thorough.  Many schools and books don’t cover Grammar as well as A Beka.
This sale covers “select” curriculum, so you can browse the sale and see what you need to purchase.  I recommend A Beka Book to all new and veteran homeschoolers.
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