National Mutt Day with Archie

“The Best Dog in the World”

National Mutt Day Archie

Archie was adopted into our family back in April.  It was love-at-first-sight when we went to the foster pet home to meet him.  I had searched for weeks on Petfinder to find the perfect dog for me.  Because I’m chronically ill and spend a lot of time on the couch, I knew what kind of dog I needed.  The type of dog I was searching for was one that was calm, cuddly, and quiet.  A dog that didn’t shed would also be good, because I don’t feel like vacuuming.

Petfinder was so wonderful because I was able to “shop” for a dog in my city and all the surrounding counties humane societies.  This shopping was all done online.  Each dog had a picture and write-up that described the dog in detail, including their personality.  When I found that Archie met all the characteristics that I was looking for, I knew he was the dog for me.  The foster mom also told me that he was just like a little baby.

Mutt Day Archie

Now that I’ve enjoyed Archie for all these months, I know that everything that the website said was true.  Archie is a dream dog for me.  He is content only when he’s with me.  It’s wonderful how he cuddles with me on the couch all the time.  Archie also rarely barks.  He does let out a bark if someone rings the doorbell.  And, Archie doesn’t shed.

Archie is part Bichon Frise and part Chihuahua.  There must be some other breed in him, because he has grown a little in length and has long skinny legs.  After our long car trip last week, we know how well he loves to be in the car.  Having a great traveler makes him fun to take with us.  I’m so glad that we adopted Archie.  If you want a wonderful dog to love, adopt a mutt for your family.  I highly recommend it!

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National Mutt Day with Archie

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