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Do you love to have Audio CDs for your car that can entertain your kids?  These Audio CDs will also educate your children!  These Audio CDs make terrific Christmas gifts for your kids or grandkids, too.  They are wonderful for taking on car trips, and will make the time pass quickly.  Because, there are Audio CDs for all ages, you’ll definitely want to check out this StoryTeller Sale.
Christmas Gift Ideas: StoryTeller's Version
A Christmas Carol & Other Favorites
A Christmas Carol is a holiday classic that all ages will enjoy hearing.  Jim Weiss narrates: A Christimas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, and Dick Spindler’s Family Christmas by Bret Harte.  These are A Storyteller’s Version stories.  Who is Jim Weiss, you say?
Known for his spectacular storytelling, Jim Weiss has received numerous awards and has been widely praised both nationally and internationally. He has captivated and delighted audiences of all ages with his original stories and retellings of ancient and modern classics.”
Christmas Gift Ideas: StoryTeller's VersionGood Night
Jim Weiss created these stories, which teach and convey safety and love.  He narrates: “Tropical Island,” “The Unicorn,” “Mountain Cabin,” “The Farm,” “Treehouse in the Forest,” and “Mermaid’s Lagoon.”
Christmas Gift Ideas: StoryTeller's Version
Jewish Holiday Stories
Jim tells these stories about Jewish Holidays: “Chanukah: The Festival of Lights”, “Purim”, and “Passover.”  There are so many other CDs to consider.  You’ll be able to find CDs on History, Art, Music, Bible, and many books from Classic Literature.  Because I can’t list them all here, so you’ll need to click on the top picture to view them.
Jim Weiss’s tapes have received many awards and acclimations: Parent’s Choice Foundation, the American Library Association, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, The Film Advisory Board,  and NAPPA.  You and your children will treasure these stories for years to come.  So, begin your collection today with your favorites.
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Christmas Gift Idea: A StoryTeller’s Version

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