The Autoimmune Revolution


Chronically Content is pleased to offer you the opportunity to attend this FREE Online Event.  The Autoimmune Revolution is online so that anyone can attend.  Autoimmune Diseases destroy the lives of so many of us.  This event will begin January 30th and there will be so many speakers and topics for you to choose from.

Since I have an autoimmune disease, I don’t want to live a shorter life.  I also want quality of life.  Autoimmue problems cause many problems for me, and there is much my doctor hasn’t helped me with.  I am always listening to new information that could help.  While I may not agree with all of the speakers or follow their advice, I can pick and choose which speakers to listen to.

Every event is targeted to you and your interests concerning autoimmune diseases.  If you want to attend this FREE Event, just click above to learn more and/or register.  I’ll be attending with you!

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Announcing the Autoimmune Revolution

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