Tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  Because I love football, I always watch the game.  It doesn’t matter if my favorite team is playing or not, I’ll still enjoy the game.  Our family likes to really watch the game, so we don’t like big parties (with all the distractions).  We do like to eat, though.


In years past, having a fun and yummy menu was very important to me.  I would try to prepare some delicious food to make the day special.  Spending days planning the menu and decorations was fun.  But, now that I’m in the middle of a long pain flare, I’m going to have to change plans.

Some holidays, like Christmas, may cause me to push through severe pain.  This football game is not that important, so I’ll be a lot more flexible.  Home-made treats are not as important as my health.

My current flare is causing constant headaches and joint and muscle pain.  The nausea, dizziness and blurry vision come and go 24/7.  I have no energy and my house is a wreck.  The reality of a flare is that I struggle to even get a shower.  Many days are spent in pajamas on the couch, cuddling with Archie.

So, trying to have an elaborate Super Bowl party is just ridiculous.  Our plans are to get the living room cleaned up.  We need to put up all the piles of clean laundry and clean off the table.


Hubby shopped for our Super Bowl food.  He purchased a delicious frozen pie and two frozen pizzas.  We have veggies to cut and dip in the refrigerator.  A huge bowl of chips and salsa will probably be the favorite!  Now, this is not fancy, but it will be eaten and enjoyed.  I’m telling myself to be content, even though I didn’t make football-decorated cupcakes in team colors.

There won’t be any pinterest photos of our party, but we’ll still have a blast.  Even if I have to stretch out during the game, I can still enjoy it.  Chronic illness is my reality, but dwelling on it is not helpful.  What team are you cheering for?

A Chronically Content Super Bowl Party

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