Mystery of History Homeschool Curriculum Sale


Select Mystery of History print Curriculum is now on sale for 30% off.  The sale will last through February 14.


Bright Idea Press produces these books and they have a Christian worldview.  

Vol. 1, 2nd Edition: Creation to the Resurrection:  Here are the additions in the 2nd edition-
  • Over 140 new pages that enrich the lessons; broaden the scholarship level of the text; develop new activities; enhance the mapping exercises; and simplify the timeline directions.
  • The Table of Contents has not changed, but has been improved with better chronological detail, based on the work of James Ussher.
  • The layout has been changed to a cleaner, more-readable style, and features upgraded artistry, photos, font, and cover; an expanded reading list; Answer Key maps for all the mapping exercises; a pronunciation guide; a Bible reading list; and more.

Vol. 2, 1st Edition: The Early Church and the Middle Ages (grades 3-8)  Arranged by semester, and activities are broken down by age levels.  Over 700 pages with 3-hole punch, ready for the family to use.

Vol. 3, 3rd Edition: 1461-1707 Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations

Using a Classical approach, with an emphasis on reading, writing, research and hands-on activities. 464 pages, full color illustrations. The Mystery of History Volume 3 Companion Guide Guide includes the activities, quizzes, tests, reproducible maps, teacher information, book lists, and everything else that is not the lesson.

Vol 3. Companion:

This companion guide accompanies The Mystery of History Volume 3 Student Reader, and contains the material to accompany the lessons. Pre-tests, hands-on/research activities, timeline instructions, mapping work, memory cards, quizzes, worksheets, tests, and an extensive booklist for additional literature about the time period are all included.

Vol. 4 Wars of Independence to Modern Times – 1707-2014

Volume IV is a hardcover volume that contains all of the lessons students are to read. It also contains the Companion Guide on CD-ROM in the back of the book. This companion guide contains pretests, activities, quizzes, timeline directions, mapping exercises, and literature suggestions.

607 pages, hardcover. High School content; with parental modifications of content may be used for younger grades.

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Mystery of History Homeschool Curriculum Sale

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