Trying Prednisone is interesting.  I didn’t take it Tuesday, because of my dental appointment.  My visit to the dentist was exhausting.  I had two small cavities, and spent over an hour with my mouth stretched open.  Thankfully, the pain shots worked and I didn’t feel any pain.  My TMJ and neck got a work-out, and so I spent the rest of the day wiped out with fatigue.

Yesterday, I took my first prednisone.  Since it was only 5 mg, I wasn’t expecting much relief.  I was hopeful for a burst of energy, but knew that probably wouldn’t happen.  When I’ve taken this drug in the past, it was always 10-20 mg.  Later in the afternoon, I did feel like there was less pain overall.


I’m trying prednisone 5mg today.  If it doesn’t help with my fatigue, I’ll try 10mg tomorrow.  My rheumatologist suggested this would be the best way to know if it’s helping.  Reading the Ehlers Danlos forums, reminds me about the horrors of prednisone.  If I could manage at 5mg, I wouldn’t worry as much.

I can’t help but want a magic pill to give me the energy to get off the couch.  Living my life as an inactive, barely functioning person is not where I want to stay.  The pros and cons of medicines are so complex, and we all have to make choices.  I’m just praying for help and wisdom.

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Can I Have Relief from Fatigue?

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