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As I wean off of Prednisone, the new question is, what’s next?  Prednisone didn’t improve my fatigue at all. My pain wasn’t improved much, either.  There was no need to try to stay on something that dangerous, especially with no results.

The last few weeks, I’ve been reading about plant based diets.  Since this type of diet has helped many people with pain and chronic illness, I might as well give it a try.  It helps Tom Brady and Venus Williams.  It certainly can’t hurt.


I’m a beginner at this, so doing my research should help.  All I want is to feel more energetic and be able to get up and function.  I don’t expect all my pain and headaches to disappear.  It would be amazing if I could just get up off the couch.

So, what I’m learning is that a plant-based diet is like a Vegan diet.  Eating vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and nuts is the basic plan.  My favorite foods are meats, so this is going to be quite a change!  Being from the South, and loving southern cooking, my recipe box is filled with recipes of butter, sugar and more butter.


But seriously, eating beans is not my style or desire.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my desire to eat may just have to change.  I’ll try anything sensible to improve my health.  Vegetables are very sensible.

Today, I’ll be having oatmeal, a bean burrito, salad and a sweet potato.  Wish me luck!

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My New Plant Based Diet

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