How do you teach art in your homeschool?  Art is such an overwhelming word, especially to the non-artistic moms.  I have very little artistic talent and didn’t know where to begin in guiding my children.  If you’re like me, or even if you’re just looking for great ideas, I would like to share some resources.

I’ve been to many homeschool conventions and seen the amazing selection of art teaching books.  These are wonderful, but I found that my kids got bored with the same presentation.  So, I quit buying many of these types of products.

If you’re looking for a free way to explore art with your children, Facebook is a great place to look!  I’m only skimming the surface of programs available, but I did find some cool and fun pages.  Let me share a few with you.


The Art for Kids Hub facebook page is a great place to check out.  The host has videos to watch and fun projects to complete.  I love all the tutorials on drawing cartoon-type pictures.  You or the kids can select something they want to create, and click directly to the video.  I love the simplicity!

Art Projects for Kids offers many great projects. Some options are for sale in her books, but there are also many art projects that you can watch or download for free.  These projects offer a description and supplies-needed list.  Then you click on the pdf that guides the child through the stages of drawing.  She makes each level very easy, so that the child will be seeing quick results!  This is a wonderful way to encourage children, so that they’ll continue to learn.  Too many kids think that they can’t draw.  With Art Projects for kids, they will soon see that they can create art.

The Art Curator for Kids has a variety of teaching methods.  There are lessons about art and art-around-the-world.  Here are some projects for you to check.  They are more involved and the results are spectacular!  Chalk Prints and Shaving Cream Marbling is a messy project, but beautiful!  I love the Paint With Monet project, too.


Drawing for Kids offers everything from printable coloring sheets to more sophisticated projects.  The art projects for older children are extremely pretty.  Many of them are inspired by various artists, which will make it very easy to study art history.

I hope you enjoy seeing these facebook pages and the wonderful options for homeschool art.  It’s like inviting an artist into your home to coach your children.  You’ll probably find some other pages that you love.  What a fun and frugal way to create art in your homeschool!

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Teaching Homeschool Art With Facebook

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      Thanks, Cristina 🙂 I hope you and your kids will love creating art together!


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