The Together on Tuesdays Linky Party is closing here at Chronically Content.

New Opportunity

Even though the linky won’t be here, I still would love to read your posts and SHARE them.  The new opportunity will still help you grow.

If you would like me to continue to share your posts on Pinterest, please join me here:

Chronically Content Facebook Group

Just add your links there anytime of the week, and I’ll happily share them on my Pinterest Board!  Easy as can be!

Your posts and blog will have a chance to grow!  I have almost 18,000 followers on Pinterest and would love for them to see your great writing!

Please Don’t add Giveaways!  Facebook is not happy with these, and I’ll delete them from the group.  Sorry!

I hope to see you each week at Chronically Content!  Thanks for all the fun!

New Opportunity to Share

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