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Make a Vocabulary Flip Book

Homeschool Learning Activity_Vocabulary_cards

March is National Reading Month, and your young reader can practice his reading and spelling skills with this fun activity! By celebrating words in your home, increasing your child’s vocabulary becomes part of everyday life. Learning new words can help them develop a curiosity about language, as well as a lifelong love of learning. Make words fun by helping your beginning reader create a word flip book as you read.

What You Need:
Index cards
One metal ring
Hole punch

What You Do:
Have your child pick his favorite book, and explain that you are going to go on a word search.
Instruct your child to point out unfamiliar words as you read the book to him.
Write the word down on an index card, and continue reading until the story is finished.
Define the words for your child, breaking the word apart by tracing each syllable in a different color.
Direct your child to color each syllable or decorate the cards how they wish.
As they are decorating, sound out and use the words in new sentences.
Refer back to the story and reread the sentences with the unfamiliar words in them.
Make a small hole in one corner of the card, and slip the cards onto the metal ring.
Have your child add new words to his vocabulary flip book and teach you what the words mean!

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Homeschool Vocabulary Learning Activity

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