My pain management doctors saw me this past week.  Since I’ve been on my vegan diet for a month, there have been signs that it is helping me feel better.  My energy levels have increased and I’m having fewer headaches.  This may just be a coincidence, but I’m going to stay on the diet for many reasons.


People who’ve experienced better health on a vegan diet, did so after a longer time.  I also know that it’s really good for blood pressure problems and preventing heart disease.   My blood pressure had gone up, along with my weight.  It was above normal before my diet.  Now, it has returned to my low-levels.  This is worth the diet changes, because my family risk-factors are high for blood-pressure problems and heart-disease.

I really appreciate losing 8 pounds, too.  I don’t let myself go hungry or do without.  I’m just eating different foods, now.  It’s great to be off of sugar, which I never thought I could do.

Plant-Based Diet

My pain doctors were pleased with my blood pressure and my pain levels being a bit better.  I didn’t ask for any new medicines or increases.  I’m on such a small amount of medicine.  The last two weeks, I’ve cut back a little on the muscle relaxers.  I didn’t notice any difference until after making a very long trip in the car.  Now, I can tell that I’ve got huge knots in my shoulders.  I’m using massage and lidocaine patches to relieve this pain.

I know many of you have higher levels of pain, and sometimes I do, too.  I’m just thankful that now, I don’t need a high-powered pain medicine.  Doctors aren’t prescribing them much anymore, anyway.  I worry that people will suffer without the medication that they need, but that’s another post.


I hope to continue using everything I can to relieve my pain: massage, patches, rub-on creams, Thera-cane, and tens.  I plan to add physical therapy very soon.  Because I’ve lived with constant pain for so many years, I can put some of it out-of-mind.  At medium-pain levels, this is something I can tolerate.

Whatever pain you’re dealing with, I hope and pray that you can find relief to live your life.  Every day is a new challenge for those of us with chronic illness.  I thank God for the days when I can function.  How are you doing?

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Managing Pain on Moderate Days

2 thoughts on “Managing Pain on Moderate Days

  • March 14, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    Paying for what I did yesterday..

    • March 14, 2017 at 9:45 pm

      Sorry to hear that! It’s hard to recover, so I hope you get some good rest 🙂


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