Epilepsy Awareness Month : #AimforZero

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.  The theme this year is #AimforZero.  This means we want to aim for zero seizures.  People with epilepsy must take medication to prevent seizures.  Since medication doesn’t always stop them, and other measures are tried.Continue reading… Epilepsy Awareness Month : #AimforZero

Celebrating with Chronic Illness

Thursday and Friday have been one big party and today is Crash Day!  These two days have been two very special days in our family, though.  Thursday night my youngest had his community college graduation.  The graduation was held atContinue reading… Celebrating with Chronic Illness

Tomorrow is Purple Day for Epilepsy

Tomorrow is Purple Day for Epilepsy Tomorrow is March 26th, Purple Day for Epilepsy!  This is an International Awareness Day, that was started by a young lady in Canada, named Cassidy Megan.  The event has grown over the years asContinue reading… Tomorrow is Purple Day for Epilepsy

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