Shopping for Black Friday

Are you still as stuffed as I am?  Wow!  Thanksgiving meals are so delicious.  And, then there are the leftovers…..  Who can resist one more slice of pumpkin pie.  I can’t.  Today is Black Friday, but I’m not going toContinue reading… Shopping for Black Friday

Getting Crafty for the Wedding

With my son’s wedding only two weeks away, my nerves are on edge.  Hubby and I are preparing to host the rehearsal dinner.  It’s been a few month’s of preparation and for me, anxiety about the decor. We went toContinue reading… Getting Crafty for the Wedding

How I Threw A Party Without Going Broke

My daughter is engaged and we were thrilled to host an engagement party for her on Sunday afternoon.  I had been very anxious about this event because it was held 700 miles from my home.  This limited my ability toContinue reading… How I Threw A Party Without Going Broke

Monday Ramblings on Money

I’m spending the next two hours in the orthodontist office waiting room.  After four years, my youngest is having his braces finally removed.  He’ll come home with a retainer, but there will be NO more monthly bills for braces!  ThisContinue reading… Monday Ramblings on Money

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