Homeschool Saxon Curriculum Sale

Homeschool Saxon Curriculum Sale    We’re glad to bring you a Sale Extravaganza on select Saxon Math books and other Saxon resources.  The sale ends on January 23rd, so you’ll need to browse the sale early.  The sale is aContinue reading… Homeschool Saxon Curriculum Sale

Homeschooling and Dual Enrollment

Homeschooling and dual enrollment: it seems to be all the rage now. We’ve tried it in our homeschool in the past. It was successful as far as the grades went. Our student received all A’s in their classes. But, IContinue reading… Homeschooling and Dual Enrollment

High School Homeschool Transcripts

Are you concerned with the task of creating a high school transcript?  Don’t worry, there are numerous helps available.  Many of them are free.  Donna Young offers samples that you can use as a template.  She also has tons ofContinue reading… High School Homeschool Transcripts

Favorite Homeschool Math Resources

I am NOT a math person!  I survived high school Algebra and Geometry, with the help of some very patient teachers.  In college, my math courses were designed for the elementary education majors.   The professors of Math 115 suggested toContinue reading… Favorite Homeschool Math Resources

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