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For those of you who like to learn in an in-depth way about health topics, I want to introduce you to two free upcoming online seminars. These seminars are free to watch online. You can watch them online when they are live or you can catch a replay of them during the encore weekend.

After that time (if you want them), they can be purchased for you to keep and watch and study them at your convenience. There is NO obligation to make any purchase. But, the Free online streaming is really free!

The first seminar is entitled: CBD Health Revolution. This seminar will discuss everything that you wanted to know about using CBD to benefit your health. CBD oil is not the same as smoking marijuana. It does not get you high in any way. But, it has shown benefits for many with chronic illnesses (especially epilepsy and MS).

The dates for the seminar is: January 13-19, 2020!


Register now (through this link) and you’ll also receive a free ebook CBD Bath & Body. It will show you how to use CBD oil, essential oils, epsom salts, and botanicals in your bath and body treatments.

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The second upcoming seminar is The Fasting Lifestyle Summit. You’ve probably been reading a lot lately about how intermittent fasting is good for your health and weight. This summit will answer all your questions and more.

The Fasting Lifestyle Summit is held from January 27 through February 2, 2020.

The speakers will teach you how an effective fast includes a set of rules that “work” for you, as well as discipline amid your social events and relationships to make healthy choices — especially in regard to any specific health condition you’re trying to resolve or improve.

Register through this link and you’ll also receive an eBook entitled, Kitchen Talk: Simple, Easy Nutritious Recipes. There are also 8 more free ebooks to download.


Remember, these online talks are totally free. You can watch them live during the summit week or during the encore weekend. You will have an option later to purchase them to keep for your own benefit. Please enjoy the talks.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

@2020, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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