Awareness Month

May is Awareness month for: Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes.  I have all three of these and have tried to promote awareness on my blogs.  If you would like to learn about these health conditions, please click on the links to the right or the page above.  I also have a link to my other blog: Fibromyalgia Odyssey.  This blog doesn’t have giveaways, but just contains my journey with this health syndrome that causes me such pain. 

Chronic health problems cause so much pain and misery for many.  I hope everyone can become more aware that just because you can’t SEE an illness, it is still very real.  Some people who can put on makeup, fix their hair, and go out may not feel as good as they look.  My husband still will say, “you look like you’re feeling good today” even though I don’t.  It is so helpful and encouraging to a person with chronic (invisible) illness for us to understand and show compassion towards them and their suffering.

Well, this is the last day of May.  My weight-loss fundraiser didn’t raise any money, because we’re spending the entire month in the process of moving.  This wasn’t a good time to try to go on a diet, so I’ll continue my quest (and pledge to donate) for the rest of the summer months.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

4 thoughts on “Awareness Month”

  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you have all three of them. My mother recently had a surgery and although you can't really see it, she is constantly fatigued and feels sick often because of the medication. So I can kind of understand how someone with an illness like that would feel.

    Just so you know, I hopped here from Aloha Friday. Happy Aloha Friday and hope you have a great weekend.


  2. Your mother is blessed to have you being so understanding of her weakness. I hope and pray that she will get better or maybe adjust to the medicine she's on. Thanks for coming by during the blog hop 🙂


  3. Chronic illnesses such as these are difficult to live with, and a lot of people don't understand them because they can't “see” your symptoms, etc. Until they have lived with the a condition like this, or lived with someone who has one of these conditions, they really can't understand.


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