Frugal Homeschooling

How much do you spend on homeschool curriculum?  When I first started out, I spent a small fortune!  I was lacking confidence and knowledge about where to find books, so I purchased a box curriculum that included everything (and) the kitchen sink!  This was very expensive and many of the books were unnecessary.  Much of the things teachers need to know is just common sense, but it was comforting to have all the lesson plans there if I needed it.

I’ve actually learned a lot over the last 22 years about saving money on homeschool curriculum.  If you like a boxed curriculum, that’s a fantastic way to go.  But, you don’t have to purchase it at full price.  Used curriculum is abundant, and can be found in many locations.  Today, with the internet, shopping for used books and materials is so easy.  Just google the word “homeschool” and you’ll be overwhelmed with choices.

My favorite place to find books is  Because I have Prime membership, I get free 2-day shipping!  Here is a list of just a few great websites:

I also have found great deals at used book sales through my local homeschool support groups, co-ops, and regional and state homeschool conventions.  HSLDA has a used curriculum list, too.  Library book sales are great.  Many good books can also be checked out for no cost at all!  I’ve been offered Free books from homeschool friends and some groups offer book swaps! 

The key to getting by for less money is planning.  Plan far ahead and keep a running list on your phone or in your purse.  You could keep it in your head, but that doesn’t work too well for me. 🙂
When you see what you need, grab it up.  Even if you don’t need it until next year, you can save it if the price is right.

What are your favorite ways to save on homeschool expenses?  I’d love to find new resources!

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