How To Get Started With Homeschooling

 So you’re thinking about homeschooling?  It’s a serious decision, and one you should make carefully and prayerfully.  I remember when my husband and I first discussed this option.  The internet is loaded with posts, articles, and books that can guide you in making this decision.  Before you jump in with both feet, take one step back. The very first thing you should do is have complete agreement with your husband.  If one of you isn’t wanting this choice, please don’t do it.  My husband was always just as certain as me.  But, I’ve heard others say they were trying to convince their husband to homeschool.  I wouldn’t want to do that!  If God is directing your family to homeschool, both parents will be ready and eager to get started with this unique and challenging lifestyle.

 Homeschooling will change your life and your home.  It doesn’t need to be the main focus, though.  Your marriage should come before your job as home-educator.  Make sure to remember that and plan time for your spouse. If you both make the homeschool choice, then you can jump in and discover all the exciting things you want to know.  If you’re a Christian homeschooler, I would suggest you check out this series of helpful articles from HSLDA.  This series covers all you need to know to get started with confidence.  If you homeschool with a different worldview, there are numerous informative sites online, also.  Let Google be your best friend!

@2013, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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