I Won This – King Arthur

I was so thrilled to see my package arrive this week.  Inside the box were some delightful and 
delicious products from King Arthur Flour.
King Arthur Golden Flax Meal, Pure Vanilla, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Chia Seeds, and large flake Coconut…..what an amazing prize! 
 Much thanks goes to Alyssa Brantley and Faith Gorsky from Creators of Artisanal Smoothies for Food Lovers.  Every thing I’ve ever purchased from King Arthur Flour has been super quality!  I’ll be baking with these ingredients soon, and share the results with you.  

Stop by and visit Alyssa’s blog Everyday Maven

6 thoughts on “I Won This – King Arthur”

  1. I enjoyed my visit with you!! I ♥ your posts.

    I just had to “follow” you so not to miss anything! It would make me so happy if you would follow me too. 🙂

    Have a beautiful week!

    Lots of BIG Hugs,



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