Getting Crafty for the Wedding

With my son’s wedding only two weeks away, my nerves are on edge.  Hubby and I are preparing to

host the rehearsal dinner.  It’s been a few month’s of preparation and for me, anxiety about the decor.

We went to the rental store last month to reserve linens and dinner ware.  We stuck with the bride’s

theme in our choice of linens.  I’ve searched Pinterest for weeks and weeks until I settled on some

decorations for the background in the banquet room.

This weekend, Hubby and I are working on them.  Since my natural gifts don’t include being crafty,

we have gone very slow through this process.  The craft materials are expensive, so I cut and place

them carefully.  Hubby did the cutting of the flowers, actually.  They have such thick plastic and

wires, too.  He had to get his man-tools….lol.

Our inspiration was found on Pinterest and I saw numerous designs that were similar. So, I thought

that I would try them.  They were tall and would add a little pizazz in the boring corners of the room.

Inspiration picture

Next, I took the “vase” we picked out.  It was a metal bucket type, because the wedding is a rustic 
style.  I filled it 3/4 full with tightly packed newspaper.  Then, I added a square of floral foam.  
I shoved it in, and it fit tight.

I unwrapped my package of little curly sticks and separated them carefully.  I picked the thickest one.

And, stuck it in the middle.  I stuck it in until it seemed solid and not wobbly.  Then, I added the other

sticks around it aiming them out slightly angled, but not too symmetrical.

Then, I finished the other two in the exact same way.  So far, they look a lot like the picture online!!!
I failed to get a picture of Hubby cutting the flowers, but he cut them about about 6″ of stem.  We
angled the stems into the floral foam.  I added the battery-operated lights to use, because I will have
the lights dimmed at the rehearsal dinner.  I’m pretty pleased with the result of this arrangement!!!!
What do you think?  It wasn’t cheap, because these were spring silk flowers and weren’t on sale this 
time of year.  But, I do love that they’ll match the bride’s colors!!!
Then, I took 1 yard of burlap and sewed a hem.  This will cover our bar stool and we’ll set one of the
arrangement on each bar stool.  This is a very cheap way to make the arrangement tall and stand out.  
Just a simple stitch.

This makes a neat bottom to the stool cover, because burlap is so stringy on the bottom.  I’ll try to 
press out the middle seam to make it look neat.  Burlap is very, very easy to sew.  I can do it easily 
with all my ring splints on!

14 thoughts on “Getting Crafty for the Wedding”

  1. What a great idea! They can be used for so many reason! An quite frankly, I love anything that has lights on it! Great job!

    Thank you for sharing your post on the Simply Sundays link up party! I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  2. I love how you have added your personal touch to your sons wedding. You say you are not crafty, but this project turned out beautiful. We loved seeing your pin on #ThePinterestGame, I can't wait to see if it wins.~Jennifer


  3. I'm glad to get to feature you this week! I hope I can get a post done to share, but with the wedding it may be next week before I get to link up again. I love your party, and will get there ASAP 🙂


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