New Facebook Group

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The new Facebook Group for bloggers is live now.  This group is public, so anyone can visit and read.  It’s designed to help bloggers work together for growing, not really too exciting for non-bloggers.  There won’t be any giveaways posted on this group.  These will be posted on my Chronically Content page (as they always have been).  
Hope you’ll Join this Group!
This group is used to post blogger opps, Blog Hops, Linky Parties, Blog Hop Co-Host opportunities, and Guest (writing) offers. Bloggers can join the group and post their opps, Hops, parties and opportunities.  I may ( or you may) initiate shares for social media, such as: facebook, twitter, etc….   If you have other ideas, let me know.  We want to enjoy sharing together here 🙂
Remember, Chronically Content Group  (link at top of page).   And, the regular Chronically Content facebook page for giveaways and everything else that’s happening on the blog!

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