My Re-Set Button for 2016

Every Christmas we visit my extended family.  We usually travel a long distance and stay for a week or so.  When we return, the long drive home seems to be a time when Hubby and I seem to talk a lot about things we want to do differently in the new year.  We talk about our goals.  For me, it’s like I’m hitting a re-set button.  Because of going “home”, and sort-of traveling back-to-the childhood home, you get a different picture of where you are in life.  This seems to help me with my ideas of what I need to work on the most in my life.

I like change and new starts, even though the new year is just a date on a calendar.  The calendar is all fresh with clean pages.  Some things do improve with fresh beginnings.  Over the years, with goal-planning, I’ve improved my organization skills and many other things.  I learn many things by learning from others.  The internet and bloggers posts about organization and skills in the kitchen and home have helped me incredibly.

My blog is about contentedness while having chronic illness.  As God continues to challenge me in this area, I learn from others who also suffer.  I try to share my successes and failures in my life, because that is the reality of living with chronic pain and sickness.  Each day is a day where I need to hit the re-set button.  I never know each morning whether it will be a good day, horrible day, or somewhere in between.  But, God knows, and He knows what I need to get through it.  He also provides everything I need to be blessed in some way.  I try to share a blessing with you.

I pray that each day in 2016 God will bless you.
@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

8 thoughts on “My Re-Set Button for 2016”

  1. I hadn't thought of the new year as a time to push the re set button, what a great concept. It's certainly a whole new set of fresh days and opportunities.
    Blessings to you and your husband in the coming year.



  2. My dear Lisa, you are such a sweet inspiration to SO MANY and your joy in living for the Lord is so evident. You bless and encourage many with your testimony…thank you!

    And thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs and blessings to you!


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