Chronic Illness Can Be Weird

It’s been hard to write lately, because my flare has been so bad.  Migraines have been daily with nausea, dizziness and joint pain.  The storms just keep rolling through our area, and should leave soon.  Today was a little better and I was able to get out, shop and walk the dog once.  It felt good to make a short walk in the cool, damp air.  There may be another rainstorm coming, as the sky is covered with black clouds.  We’ll see….I’m sure my head will let me know!

Hubby and I shopped for Mother’s Day gifts for me.  I have found a wonderful place to shop….Goodwill.  Now, don’t scream, yuk!  One of our Goodwill stores is located in a great area and is filled with clothes from stores like: Talbot, Coldwater Creek, and Chico’s.  So, I found a few great items for Mother’s Day.  I needed new clothes, because I’ve put on weight.  I’m not eating more often or snacking more, but I am taking a lot more medications than I was when I was 30 pounds lighter.  When I look at the side-effects, weight gain is a side effect for more than one of them.  I know exercise would help, if I could only get to the point of being able to do it regularly.  I’ll need to keep trying.

I learned something new from the Mast Cell Disorder forum members about water.  They were discussing drinking water and what was in the water that made them react to it.  Mast Cell reactions from water?  Yes.  I have been having them for years and didn’t realize that was the problem.   For years I would drink water and get very nauseous. I didn’t know why on earth water made me feel sick.  It made no sense to me.  But these forum members were saying that the water additives caused my body to have a histamine reaction.  Duh!  That makes so much sense now.  Many of the MCD folks just drink distilled water to prevent reactions to water.  Well, there you have it…allergic to water!  Crazy?  That’s ok.  I’m also allergic to myself 🙂

Chronic illnesses are always interesting.  You never know what to expect.  But, if you are going to have a weird body, at least you can entertain yourself.

@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman
Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert.  All medical information is opinion only.  If you need medical information, please contact your personal physician.

6 thoughts on “Chronic Illness Can Be Weird”

  1. Hope this flare-up will subside soon! Better weather is coming next week, and I'll be glad for more warmth. I suffer more in the cold, and we really didn't want to turn the heat back on. I've layered on extra clothes and used heating pads.

    Goodwill is a great place to shop! My husband's favorite place, and he's found many good deals over the years. There and sometimes Craigs List too. He recently bought a shelved wooden cabinet with doors and on large wheels to help organize some in our basement. It is industrial grade and had been a video cabinet at UVA. Only $30. Lands End shirts and other brand names too. It's fun to see what good bargains we can find 🙂

    Happy Mother's Day, and I hope you have a good weekend!


  2. I understand a little of what you have been going through this week. The storms have played havoc with migraines, Menieres and joint pain. One good thing about social media and blogs like yours is that we don't feel alone in our pain and prayer for each other without having to ask. I know if I am having a bad day, others are too. I understand warmer, dryer weather is ahead for here in Virginia. God bless you with good days!


  3. You have found some good deals! I hope you get warm weather and improvement soon 🙂 It's no fun when it's spring, but it feels like winter to our joints… ugh. Happy Mother's Day to you, too! No matter how we feel, we will enjoy our children 🙂


  4. It's so true, Kathy. Everywhere I turned on Facebook, people with chronic pain syndromes were suffering with this weather. I love that we can pray for one another. Thanks for sharing and caring 🙂


  5. I hope you start to feel better real soon. At least you have a great attitude about it and are positive. regarding the distilled water… make sure you re add minerals to it as it leaches minerals from your body and can make matters worse (just in case you haven't already come across that piece of info). Hope youhave a better week. x


  6. I've heard about that somewhere before, but can't remember the facts. I'll have to spend some time trying to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing that info, Jade 🙂


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