Pain Awareness Month Challenge Day 14 – Accomplishment

Day 14: Share your accomplishments! What is one of your most gratifying moments as a Pain Ambassador, Advocate, volunteer or person with pain? Today, you’re in the spotlight! Feel free to also share a photo as a comment below or on our campaign on Instagram: @USPainAwarenessMonth that features your accomplishment. 
#PAM16 #PainAwarenessMonth

Wow!  I’m more of a patient than an advocate.  I have many health conditions and some of them cause things other than pain.  As a patient who takes multiple medications, I feel like a victim of side-effects.  Trying to survive side-effects is a huge part of my life.  But, this is part of having chronic illnesses.

My most gratifying moments as a person with pain come as a Chronic Illness Blogger.  I began blogging as a way to help myself and possibly someone else.  Every once in awhile someone will comment that my posts will be helpful to them.  This is gratifying to me.  I understand that many of us living in chronic pain are feeling the same emotions and pains.  Often it helps to read or journal about that pain.

Sometimes on my blog I will be posting about my pain and how severe it is.  My readers will comment how they understand and are sorry.  Many of them will tell that they are also in pain.  Some people offer prayers for me.  If they are hurting, I offer prayers for them.  And, I always pray for them right at that moment.  I really hope that God will bless them.

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