Homeschool Physical Education


Do you include a Physical Education program in your Homeschool Curriculum?  Is it your preference to allow the participation of sports and other physical activities to take the place of a formal PE program?  Some states do have a PE requirement for high-school graduation.  What about your state?  Does your local homeschool group offer any physical training that could count towards this requirement?

I never thought about these questions when my children were young.  They played outdoors for hours a day to get exercise.  When they were three years old, they began to take organized sports.  They started with gymnastics and then added more.  By the time I needed to keep track of PE hours for homeschool, I just wrote down hours that they spent exercising.  If they were involved in team sports with practices, this would add up pretty quick.  If they joined a gym, that helped.

In our town, we had a homeschool cross-country team and other sports teams.  Students could always walk or run on their own.  There are PE programs that can be joined or purchased.  Basic calisthenics are good.  Many parks and rec. programs are free to join, too.

With the growing number of homeschoolers, researchers are now studying whether or not they are getting physical education comparable to public schools.  This will be done because of the epidemic of obesity and sedentary lifestyles.  The peer-review study that I read stated that many more studies would be done in the future.

Swenson, S., Pope, Z. and Zeng, N. (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 14 September 2016).

@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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