2019 Wraps Up

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I almost forgot about the December linky! This month has been flying by and I don’t want to miss the Chronic Illness Linky. A Chronic Voice has come up with some great prompts for us to respond to as 2019 wraps up.

2019 Wraps Up


Many of us are traveling in December. I will be riding in a car for 1500 miles this month. And, yes this is going to be awful! Pain will be intense and swelling will occur. I dread that part of December the most. Because my children are spread far and wide, we’re making the trips to visit them.


December will be another chance to bond with my new grandchild. Having a young grandchild makes me eager to spend as much time with him as possible. We’ve bonded a lot when I traveled there early in November, but he will probably need time to adjust to my being there again. He’s still so young, that I don’t know how much he’ll remember me.


Christmas is such a warm holiday. We think of warm lights, warm drinks, and warm feelings and relationships. Living in the midwest has been very cold, as far as the temperatures go. We’ve been having brisk winds and snow this month. As we travel south we expect to be met by warming temperatures. It appears that we’ll have a fall-like holiday there, because the temperatures are in the 50’s and 60’s.

December Advent Calendar


Honestly, December has been a tough time so far. I’m taking antibiotics for a sinus infection. This has brought on some anxious feelings. I wondered why I was feeling this way, and then read that it can be a (rare) side-effect. If anyone will get a rare side- effect of a drug, it will be me!

I’ve been coping by just stopping everything and resting. This has stopped me from getting some things accomplished. But, sitting and breathing has helped a little. Hubby and I also have prayed more together and I’m thankful that God hears and cares about my physical and emotional well-being.


Wow! I don’t know exactly how this year will end, but I know it’s been a crazy year! This year I: broke my arm and had surgery, moved 1000 miles across the country, and had worsening Sjogren’s Syndrome. So much more happened in my life this year. All of the year’s experiences have molded me in one way or another.

I’m thankful for God’s grace that helped me deal with everything this year. I feel closer to Him at the ending of the year and that makes the year’s challenges important. As 2019 comes to an end, I look forward to 2020!

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11 thoughts on “2019 Wraps Up”

  1. I also deal with chronic daily pain ever since a car almost ran me over. It helps to read things like this and try to stay positive.

    1. Oh, what an awful-sounding injury. I’m thankful that this was encouraging to you. We all can gain encouragement by sharing with one another 🙂

  2. I hope your travelling goes well, I don’t envy you on that journey. It will be so lovely to spend some time with your family though, enjoy every moment x

    1. Thanks, Anne! I’ll cherish the moments spent with my kids, even though there will be much use of pain-relieving gels and meds! lol
      Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I wish you a happy holiday season and hope that you are feeling better soon. I also have chronic health issues and my year has been up and down, but I always manage to forge ahead despite the difficulty at times. Let’s hope 2020 is better for us both!

    1. Oops.. sorry that I missed your comment last month. It’s the least we can do to try and take care of ourselves. Sometimes even that isn’t enough. But, I loved the time with family 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. The time with family and the grandchild was wonderful 🙂 It took a couple of weeks to get over the traveling and extra fatigue, but it was worth it 🙂

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