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Doing What Works

I’ve had so much drive to get some things done around my house. After trips with tons of dirty clothes, gifts that need a place, and just regular chores, my home is a wreck! In my mind, I imagine getting the entire house cleaned up in one day.
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Isn’t that how I used to do it? Yes, before my pain and fatigue became severe, I could really “turn out the work”. Now, this is just a memory. But, yesterday was a day that I felt I could push through the pain. Throughout the day, I stopped to use heat or ice on my back. This made my back pain tolerable.
But, as the day progressed my feet became more and more pain-ridden. The stabbing, burning, and throbbing in my feet became intolerable. I propped them up, massaged them, and took Naproxen. It felt like every little bone and joint was broken. They didn’t look swollen, but hurt more than ever.
I continue to read online about ways to help the pain in my feet. There isn’t any help when you have the combined problems of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Small Fiber Neuropathy. I can’t tell which of these is causing the most pain, but expect that it is a mixture of the two. Some people actually have been driven to surgical amputation to stop the pain that can’t be stopped. I would much prefer to use the wheelchair, instead of such extreme actions.
The pain yesterday was the type that would push me to try almost anything. Today was going to be different. I’ve been using the wheelchair to replace as much walking as possible. This held the foot pain back from how severe it was yesterday. Using the wheelchair has been pretty amusing for me and my family.
Trying to navigate the doors and rooms has been a challenge. I’m sure my “driving” will improve over time. I certainly don’t plan to use this all the time, but will use it when it helps me survive the pain. I’m thankful that it’s here for me to get some relief.
Now, it’s time for me to go peel some potatoes while seated. There’s no reason to cause more pain in my feet. My biggest desire today was to limit pain and still live. The wheelchair allowed me to do that!
@2019, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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