Saying Goodbye To Christmas

Putting away Christmas is such a humongous job when you’re already in pain. This year, I tried a new approach. Since I have my handy-dandy wheelchair, I used it to make things better for my back. I had my child set the empty boxes next to me and wheeled around the tree, gradually packing up all the ornaments. When there were only ornaments left on the top, my child handed them to me.
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This kept everything at a reachable level and I didn’t have to stretch or bend. Bending is the worst thing for my back. So, with a few breaks, I was able to pack up all the decorations. Having the wheelchair and an extra pair of hands, it was quicker and less painful. I’ll try almost anything to lower my pain levels.
Because we’re going to be moving this summer, I’m already thinking of how much stuff will need to be packed away in order to stage the house. We tend to have lots of knick-knacks and clutter in our house. I don’t normally like a minimalistic design, but I’ll definitely need to adopt more of that look to show our home to buyers. So, the “naked-house” look that I hate after Christmas, will need to be continued for a while.
With the snowy grey day outdoors, it’s dark and a little dreary indoors. As I rest for the remainder of this day, I can make more plans to de-clutter each room. Most of my days are spent just trying to survive all this pain. But, now I need to learn how to fit in days of intense housework. My plan is to tackle small sections at a time. If I can organize 2 shelves at a time, it’s going to make me very happy.
Do you have plans to de-clutter or organize your home? What are your favorite methods to accomplish your goals? I do my best work, when I just work out a small bit twice a day. If I do more, then the next day will be spent trying to get over the extra pain. No more marathons for this chronic-illness lady. And, with appointments this week with rheumatology and cardiology, I don’t want to overdo it.
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