No Liquids After Midnight: Part II

Sunday morning, we arrived at 5:30 am to have surgery. We followed the directions I had been given over the phone. But, when we arrived the nurses looked at us funny and told us to go register downstairs.

When we got to the registration center, the lady could find nothing about me in the system. So, the poor girl called everyone she could, We finally left about 7 am. I was bewildered. What had been the problem? My husband was frustrated.

We decided to focus on a positive reason for the mishap. God was certainly in control of my circumstances and He must have a reason.

Today, I met with the top surgeon. He knew all about EDS and Sjogren’s. He was very apologetic about how things happened and then the good news came: He was doing my surgery the next day.

Well, my suitcase is still packed and I’ll be ready tomorrow morning. Pre-surgery testing will start 3 hours prior to surgery. They’ll take blood, do an EEG, and who knows what else. At least that will all be the easy part.

Relief is a good feeling! I’m grateful to be able to have my operation with the surgeon I hoped for. All of you have been praying for me, and God has answered.

@2019, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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