Surgery With EDS

My surgery was Tuesday, and it was a horrific experience. From the moment I arrived until the time I left the hospital, it was terrible. Have you had surgery before? This was my second surgery, and so much worse than the first one.


Waiting a week to have this surgery made it worse because of the lack of sufficient pain relief. And, the scheduling mixup certainly made me distrust those who were to take care of me.

When I had my hysterectomy a few years ago, it was at a different hospital. This hospital made me feel cared for and safe from the very beginning. The hospital’s appearance and professional staff were very reassuring. It made me very trusting of them. I never lacked pain relief,

Tuesday I showed up in awful pain, because I was to have an empty stomach. I waited in a hot lobby to register. The wait was much too long. Then, I was taken to a tiny room where 3 different nurses were doing tests. The IV nurse had to cram the IV in a vein that was still bruised and swollen from a week ago. 3 hours had been set aside for pre-surgery stuff, but I mostly just waited in pain.

Finally a lady pushed me to the pre-surgery area. Instead of getting pain help, there were tons of questions. The anesthesiologist was the doctor I needed to ask questions about EDS and any adjustments to my care, because of it. She couldn’t pronounce Ehlers Danlos, but said she knew what to do. Then, at the last minute I was given a different doctor!

Next, a person came to give me a nerve block. This was a painful procedure, but at least my pain was going. I was happy to hear that this would stop pain for 24-48 hours, This wasn’t true for me, The pain returned 5 hours following my surgery. EDS can affect how medicine is metabolized,

I still had to wait a long time before being wheeled into the OR and was awake for quite a while before I was put to sleep. The surgeon told my husband that everything went well. I was sent home at 9:30 pm, even though I wanted to spend the night.

As my arm started to wake up from the nerve block, I began taking pain medicine, The next day was the worst pain day, as the pain meds were just not covering my pain. I was very depressed after surgery and the next day. My mood had started to improve yesterday. I knew that depression was a symptom that could come after an operation, but was so surprised to feel so down.

Things are improving a little and I’m thankful, but there is so much anxiety. We already owed thousands to hospitals before this arm fracture. Now, thousands more in charges will come. When we move this summer, I will have to purchase another insurance policy in our new state. This will cause us to start over with our deductible.

Money worries are one of the worst chronic illness problems. When your health issues only create money problems for your family, that is hard to live with. There is guilt and worry.

Thankfully, there appears to be no problem with the incision. The skin around the bandage has good color, My hope and prayer will be for continued healing, and for God to provide,

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post is not medical advice, but just my personal experience. If you are concerned about your health, please consult your personal physician.

@2019, copyright, Lisa Ehrman

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  1. Oh I am so sorry to read this; I can only imagine how quickly bills pile up with a chronic illness as medical insurance has become more and more costly covering less and less through the years. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your concern. We’ll be paying this off for many years. It’s good that hospitals usually let us set up a payment plan.

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