Post-Surgery Life

It’s been too hard to post since my surgery. My pain has been awful and constant. The inflammation from the bone break and surgery have put me in a bad flare with Sjogren’s and EDS.

post surgery life

I lived from one narcotic pain pill to the next dose. My dose pill wasn’t very strong, but it took the edge off. Going through this type of break makes you wish to be sedated for a month, The meds put me in a heavy fog, so I’m basically worthless.

I’m thankful that at least it was my left shoulder and that left my dominant hand free. But, I’m still very slow, typing with one finger. I’m still pretty dependent on hubby for most everything. He and I are both worried about me falling again, since my balance is so bad. I’m working to try and get off of some of my medications that cause dizziness.

These medicines are also the ones that help me with muscle pain and neuropathy pain, So, I haven’t been able to sleep from Sciatica. There is never an easy answer!

Broken bone and repaired bone.

Yesterday I had appointments with my orthopedic surgeon and the rheumatologist. The x rays showed my shoulder with the titanium plates and 7 screws. Hubby calls me the bionic woman. The healing seemed to be on track. Thank the Lord! I also got my Physical Therapy orders.

The rheumatology appointment wasn’t as positive. She was very business-like as she basically told me that there was nothing they could do for my severe fatigue. I feel discouraged, knowing that this fatigue can’t be fixed. I feel like a vampire has drained me of all my blood. There is NO energy and hasn’t been for years.

My job now is to try and push through PT, which starts Monday. Even though the surgeon said I won’t get total use, the physical therapy will be the only way to reach my new normal. My prayer is that I can endure the pain and not get depressed.

Nehemiah 8:10 Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

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  1. Larry Brodie says:

    Judy and I prayed for you earlier this morning even before reading this update. Thank you for your willingness to be transparent. Thank you for the beautiful testimony of faith in the midst of horrific pain and discouraging prognosis concerning the future. Your writing reminds me of the Psalmist often swings from painful reality to remembering God past faithfulness and present promises that extend into the future. Yes, thank you dear sister and be assured of our continued prayers!

  2. hkviv says:

    Your words have brought me to tears. The prayers give me hope and strength; thank you. You have such an encouraging way of summing up the Psalms in a way that I’ve never thought of before. Thank you!

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