God Will Provide

Today marked the end of my 1st round of physical therapy for my broken shoulder. I’ve come a long way, but am no where near full range of motion. My physical therapist has been wonderful. As I was leaving she mentioned that she was contacting the surgeon to get a new order for PT. She didn’t want me to miss any time with so much more that was needed.

God Will Provide

I’ll also begin physical therapy for vertigo in two weeks. The therapist is good at re-aligning the crystals that can be messed up. I really don’t understand the process, but I’ve heard that this can work wonders. I have so many waves of dizziness and would love for this to be the answer I need.

It’s even more important for me to get help for my dizziness and balance issues after today’s bad news. I knew that this was coming, but hated hearing the official diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Why do I have to get another medical condition? Who knows why, but I know that it’s something that I can’t ignore. Falling now would most certainly result in another fracture.

Pain, money, time, and misery for my family are the main reasons I don’t want another fracture. But then, who wants a broken bone? Somehow, I need to stay upright. I’ll be using my cane and hope that it will keep me from losing my balance.

My physical therapist said that she wasn’t sure if my bone was healing, and we won’t know until my next x-ray. I did tell her about the shoulder sliding around in the socket again. She was unhappy that the surgery didn’t tighten up the shoulder and so was I. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome had caused my shoulders to become unstable and that will not correct itself.

Just as we opened my bill ($950.) for the new crown, another tooth cracked. A huge chunk of the tooth fell out while I was eating a piece of bread and I guess it was swallowed. We can’t keep paying for all these broken teeth. The fillings don’t hold and the teeth crumble, all thanks to Sjogren’s Syndrome. I’ve read that dentures don’t work for us, because we have dry mouths.

The only other solution for missing teeth is implants, which are terribly expensive. My health problems are much too expensive for retired folk. As I just noticed on Instagram a new post, it reminded me of God’s view on all of these medical bills. “Never forget that God will provide” I really needed to see that beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness.

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