Packing In Pain

Fifteen days and counting down….. We’re moving. The moving truck will be here for us to load in 15 days! So many boxes have been packed over the last two months. Sometimes I’ll pack one box a day and sometimes a few. After each box is packed out comes the ice pack to try and sooth the awful pain.


We’ve moved many times in our marriage, but this is not like any before. The body doesn’t want to move and I’ve decided that packing is for young, healthy folk. Since my arm is still healing, I’m being very careful not to lift any boxes with that arm. I also sit down to pack things as much as I can.

No matter how cautious I am, the pain is still unbearable. I took my last dose of Prednisone this morning, so I’m not sure if the painful joint swelling will recur or if the drug has knocked it out for now. My dread of packing is because there are so many last minute items that will need to be packed.

We’ve decided to just pack things up ahead of time and the last few days at home we’ll need to get take-out. This will make it possible to pack up gradually. I just can’t box up 5-10 boxes on the last day. When your body is in terrible condition, like mine, normal things are impossible.

The 18 appointments that I have this month are for physical therapy, occupational therapy, gynecologist, neurologists, cardiologists, and dentists. Just making it to each appointment has been exhausting. At times I have put ice packs all over myself. They really help my head, where I’ve been getting rebound headaches every night.

I really want to see this move as a fun adventure, so I’m keeping it light and positive. Stress can get tough on everyone during a move. Making a drastic change in lifestyle and climate can be nerve-wracking and lead to flares. Chronic illness changes life completely and brings many complications when you move.

Praying for God’s help and strength is my number one priority. He’s never let me down. It’s not to say that it isn’t tough, though. Hard times mean it’s time to focus on survival. This will pass and I look forward to that day.

@2019, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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