ScriptSave WellRx: Saving And So Much More

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  Although it’s sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own.


Prescription drug prices seem to be getting more and more unaffordable.  Whether you have insurance or not, the out-of-pocket expenses for medications can destroy a person’s budget very quickly.

One way to find the best available price on medications is to call around to every drug store in the area.  This takes much too much time and I find it to be a little embarrassing.  There are numerous savings plans, but many of them cost a membership fee to join.  Because I don’t want to waste money on a program that doesn’t fit my needs, I really don’t want to pay fees.

ScriptSave WellRx is a free app that does all the work for you.  There is no need to call around and check prices from numerous pharmacies.  ScriptSave WellRx will show you the price on all of your medications, so that you can truly save money.  And, because medication prices can change from day to day, they also will send price alerts to let you know if any lower price can be found on your medicine.

When you install the ScriptSave WellRx App on your iPhone or Android phone you’ll see that there is no cost at all.  You won’t need a credit card either.  In fact, you don’t have to use a phone app.  Your ScriptSave WellRx information can be used  by signing up on their website, too.  So, whether you have a smartphone or not, this super savings program can help you.


Using the mobile app allows you to enjoy some special features that make this much more than just a Rx savings card.  I’m excited about the Take My Meds Reminders.  We all know that medicine can’t help you if you don’t take it.  So, this handy feature will promote good medication adherence.  This is just another great feature that can enable you to reach your wellness goals.

The latest mobile app also offers a personalized method to help you reach your goals for health and wellness.  If you have certain medicines used for a particular health condition this new app feature can offer guidance that is personally designed for you.

The Personalized Wellness and Grocery Guidance feature could help you align your families health goals with the food you buy when you’re shopping for groceries.  After setting up a personal health profile, the user can make good use of the internal barcode scanner.  It can be used for foods in your pantry as well as products on grocery shelves.

Having the Grocery Guidance is similar to having a nutritionist with you while you go up and down the isles.  Although ScriptSave WellRx is not insurance, it can be used with insurance or without.  With my insurance policy, some prescriptions aren’t covered.  Using this savings program, I can still get my medications and save a huge percentage.

When you sign up for your own ScriptSave WellRx account, be sure to enter this Invite Code when you’re prompted.  Try it for yourself!

Invite Code is CHRONIC.

I am thankful to find this savings plan and all the great new features!  To have an app that not only saves me real money, but also helps me reach my health and wellness goals….that’s amazing!@2019, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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