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Starting Over In 2020

The Chronic Illness Linky has a January new-beginnings theme. I love that! I’m glad to join A Chronic Voice again in this new year to share some thoughts about starting over that relate to all of us.

starting over in 2020


Purging seems to be the norm in the new year. January is the time when stores push organizational items. Since we’re packing up the Christmas decorations, we need storage boxes. While we’re at it, we often feel the new year is a great time to organize our lives. We buy planners, file boxes, and cute baskets of all sizes.

I’m doing a little purging myself. Or, at least it’s on my new planner list of things to do. I have 3 baskets that especially need my attention. The last couple of months they have become catch-alls. That’s the thing about organizing and purging….it never gets done. There is a need to continually go through things and purge the trash.


I have been learning a lot about myself this past year, and I want to make sure to daily seize on the opportunity to act on what I’ve learned. Seizing or capturing and holding a new opportunity is what I can humanly do to make improvements in my life. I know that I am not the one who controls my life, but God does.

Choosing to grab onto an idea helps me to bring it into my focus on a daily basis. I’m also happy to seize new blogging opportunities as they are coming much more often. This is encouraging, because I hope that readers are being encouraged and helped here.


When a new year comes around, my usual response is positive. I’m a forward-thinking person. I always feel that the new year brings a fresh beginning, like an opening into a new era. I feel renewed even though physically, there is no change.


As I’m opening the 2020 window, I find it easy to take on a revamping or renovating of my life. Back in December, I planned for this day by deciding to create an organizational renovation of my life. I knew that I needed a planner, but couldn’t decide what type would best suit me.

I finally decided that I would create three separate planners. I have a personal planner, blog planner, and financial planner. I printed out planning sheets for various categories that I needed to keep track of. I’m so excited to see how these planners are going to help me revamp my life.


One thing in my life that I’m trying to change is how I envision each day and my resources, too. I’m the type of person that always think towards the future. It’s good to think ahead, but also I’m learning that this moment matters.

My thought process has always been to think, “I’ll save that for a special day”. The types of things that I always consider in this way are: outfits, socks, foods, hair treatments, makeup, nice dishes, and even the nice towels. I know this is silly, but it really started to bother me. Why should I wait for a special day, when today is special. The time to enjoy the things I own are now and the time to wear the nice shirt is today.

Each day is important and I want to envision myself doing the good things today. I believe that if we are trying to live with chronic illness, we should envision a brighter future. I know that my future will be painful, but I can still enjoy each day. There are moments that are good or better, and I am worth the special things just because.

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