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Hanging out at home and social distancing are the new norms. Well, they are not new to me or you. During outbreaks of other sicknesses (such as flu or stomach virus), I stay home and away from everyone to be safe. But, I also just stay at home everyday. For years, I only go out for doctor’s appointments and a rare visit to church.


Although I’m very comfortable staying home on a daily basis, it doesn’t make it something that is fun. It’s hard for those who are new to staying home. If you have the energy and pain control to spend time going places, I am very happy for you.

Those who are new to isolation will have a struggle, but at least for them, it is only for a short period of time. Believe me, isolation for a month or two is nothing. My isolation is forever!

Unless I am the recipient of a miracle or doctors come up with a cure, I will feel horrible for the rest of my life. So, staying away from people to avoid a possible death-sentence, is no big deal.


I’m very thankful that in my state all schools are closed. I’m thankful that I have a safe home and food to eat. I don’t feel the need to hoard anything, but hope and pray that everyone will have what they need to get through this.

I hope and pray that we will all be able to access our medications and that stock will be there every month. I pray for the health-care professionals who do not have safety products. I know many of them personally, and they are not safe. Masks are rationed and protection is not available to these brave people.

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I believe we should all be selfless and do what we can to help others. If we only help by staying home, that is a huge benefit to our neighbors and fellow citizens. I love the signs held up by doctors and nurses that says that they are helping us by working, and we can help them by staying home.

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It’s a time of anxiety and that’s normal. Everyone is stressed and worried about themselves and their parents/grandparents. Anxiety causes physical symptoms that can make us feel more pain or headaches. When we add this to our regular levels of pain, it can become overwhelming.

Feel free to vent below or discuss your concerns. We’re not together, but we’re all in this together. God cares and my faith and trust in Him holds me up. God bless you all.

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2 Responses

  1. Joanne says:

    Well said! I definitely feel that the hoarding of some have made this harder for so many than it needed to be.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, it’s sad that people react that way. Price gouging is also happening for medical gear, but I guess there are always greedy people. 🙁

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